In the long development history of Henan University, the earliest Life Science Discipline was founded in 1923. For a variety of reasons, its running process has been completely interrupted in 1950 and 1962 for two times.In 1987, the new biology department started again from the beginning, rebuilt and recruited new students without any basis. In April 2002, the biology department was transformed into College of Life Science. During the past 20 years of struggling, it has developed into a college with a complete educational system of science, industry and agriculture, a complete training system of undergraduate, master’s degree candidate, doctoral candidate and post-doctor. It also converges together high-level talents with high-level scientific researches and has great influence at home and abroad. It has achieved the goal of great-leap-forward development after ten years of development and has become a model for discipline construction of colleges, which is recognized as a rising star and a bright spot among many colleges in Henan University. In September 2017, as the 30th anniversary of rebuilding college, the biology subject was selected as the "Double-First Class" subject , and the college also have a new opportunity for development..

    Our college has 148 teachers, including 128 full-time teachers, 39 professors, 38 associate professors, 21 doctoral supervisors, 103 teachers who have obtained their doctorates and 11 teachers who are Ph.D. candidate. Among the faculty, there are 1 Dual-Employed Academician, 1 Changjiang Distinguished Professor, 1 National Mid-Aged Expert with Remarkable Contributes, 2 Chief Scientists in 973 Program, 1 Chief Scientist of The National Mayor Scientific Research and Development Program, 4 experts in the Hundreds Talents Plan of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 member of the Youth Science and Technology Innovation Leader Project of national technical faculty, 1 professor awarded as one of the national outstanding scientific and technical workers, 1 national excellent specialist, 2 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 expert of the Project of Thousand Youth Talents in China, 1 professor awarded as the National Labor Medal, 4 candidates of the Millions of Talent Projects, 7 experts obtaining the special allowance of State Council, 2 winners of Zeng Xianzi educational prize. Our college also hire 3 national central plains scholars, 1 lecture professor in Henan province, 19 distinguished professors of Henan University who are the experts of the Special Zone Support program of the university and Yellow River scholars, 2 provincial excellent experts, 5 provincial excellent teachers and 5 distinguished teachers in Henan University. Besides, 10 teachers were awarded as both national and provincial excellent teachers and virtue pacesetters, and 6 teachers won the Outstanding Youth Prize in Henan province. Moreover, 3 faculties are cultivated in the Innovative Talents Program of the universities in Henan Province, 5 science and technology leader of Henan province, 10 outstanding youth and middle-aged key teachers of Henan university.

In recent years, our college has been responsible for more than 150 research projects of provincial and ministerial level including 1 major fundamental science research project in 973 program, 2 national major science researches, 2 distinguished youth foundations, 6 major national natural science foundation projects and nearly 100 national natural science foundation projects; we have also spent more than 2 billions yuan in science research. Furthermore, we have published more than 500 papers, and most of them are published in the authoritative publications which bring numerous influences to international biology community such as Plant Cell, Nature Geoscience, Plant Physiology, PNAS, Plant MolecularBiologyand etc.. We published more than 20 academic monographs and textbooks as well.

 Regarding to discipline construction, our college owns a majority of laboratories including 1 national major laboratory (Major Laboratory of Cotton Biology), 1 major laboratory built by both Ministry of Education and Henan province ( Major Laboratory of Plant Stress Biology), 2 international joint laboratories (Laboratory of Global Change Ecology and Henan International Joint Laboratory of Nanomedicine), 2 major subjects’ laboratories of Henan (Laboratory of Transgenic Animals And Cell Engineering and Laboratory of Plant Germplasm Resources And Genetic Engineering), 1 Henan engineering laboratory (Henan Engineering Laboratory of Mammary Bioreactor). We also have lots of innovative projects such as 1 discipline innovative project of institution of higher learning( Base of Crop Adversity Biology), 1 collaborative innovation program ( Innovation Center of Crip Adversity Biology). Moreover, doctor degree and post-Doctoral degree station in biology and ecology, and master degree station in genetic breeding of crops in agronomy are available. We also have 2 provincial major subjects ( Biology and Ecology) , 1 major subject of Henan University ( Genetics) and 3 undergraduate programs including Biological Science, Bioengineering and Plant Science; Biology Teaching Experiment Center is a experimental teaching demonstration center of Henan province, and Bioscience is the national featured major.

        To achieve a breakthrough in the work of our college and make a greater contribution to the development of Henan University, all faculty members are striving to our job with one hundred percent of efforts, working step by step diligently and creating a professional, honest, pragmatic and innovative atmosphere for our college.

The latest update in May, 2018