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Building a system unit is a matter of choice. It varies from person to person. Some may want their PC case to be loaded with accessories while some may when to keep it simple. Depending upon how much you want to customize your unit, you can opt any among the different types of cases available in the market. Each type of cabinet stands distinct from others and has its peculiar features that certainly are capable of catering to the requirements of people.
Types based on Size

PC chassis are primarily divided into three types namely mini, mid and full tower cases. Let’s see what each of them has to offer.

1. Mini tower

Mini tower case is the smallest of all sizes available in the market. Being small in size, it lets you create a compact build. Components inside the cabinet are to be installed a bit closely and cables are to be channelized in such a way that they are easily manageable. You can also equip it with basic accessories but this being a compact case; you cannot load it with many accessories.

These types of tower can easily accommodate mini ATX and micro ITX size motherboards. You can also insert graphic cards in the slots available in it.

Mini towers are best suited for LAN gamers and people who travel a lot and seek portability for their cabinet.

2. Mid tower

Mid tower is the most popular system unit among masses. May it be gamers or non gamers; it has the capacity to serve them at its very best. Mid towers are medium sized PC cases and can accommodate almost everything that one requires.

It can well fit an ATX size motherboard and even the smaller ones such as micro ATX and mini ITX. You can build it the way you want it and equip it with GPU, PSU, hard drives, optical drives and exhaust fan, etc.

A mid tower supports two graphic cards which are sufficient enough for most of the gamers. Also, it offers a good air circulation in the cabinet which helps in preventing over heating plus you can have a well feasible cable network and sectioned power supply which keeps it working efficiently.

3. Full tower

Full tower is the biggest of all sizes available. These cases have so much space that it can literally accommodate anything you would like to install it with. Though these are less popular than mid-towers because of their utility to people but its mounting capacity is just unmatchable.

You can accessorize it accordingly depending on your use. For instance if your work on the system is likely to put load over the cabinet then you may want to equip it with a bigger fan, liquid cooling system, dual tower heat sinks or may be triple radiators.
It can fit EATX, SSI CEB motherboards which are larger in size as compared to standard ATX, micro ATX and mini ITX. It also has extra ram slots, more than two expansion slots for graphic card, compartmentalized current supply and properly routed cable network.
Types based on Case Material

Cases are either made of steel or aluminium. Both have their own merits and demerits that are stated below:

1. Steel

• Steel is sound proof.
• It has a fair enough durability.
• Steel don’t get scratched easily.
• It costs less than aluminium.

• Steel weighs more than aluminium.
• Cases made with steel are not adequate for people who seek portability.
• Steel lacks in heat conducting capacity in comparison to aluminium.

2. Aluminium

• Aluminium is very light in weight.
• It is suitable for people who seek portability.
• Aluminium provides a better look to the cabinet as compared to steel.

• It is expensive.
• The amount of aluminium required to build a strong and durable cabinet is much more than what is required to build a cabinet of steel.
• Aluminium is thin and light thus it lacks sound proof quality.

Conclusively, you should choose a PC gaming case that is sure to satisfy your demands and provide you with durability at the same time.

When it comes to durability, convenience and aestheticism, it is suggested to opt for cases that are made with aluminium as it is strong making it capable of resisting damages, light making it easily portable and sleek making it look amazing.

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The Best Hard Drive for Gaming

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For gaming to be the best experience it could possibly be, your gaming device has to be capable of handling large amounts of data at high speeds. This is because games require speed and efficient communication within the CPU in order for the experience to be streamlined. Especially with large and demanding games is it important to have a well equipped hard drive. The hard drive is the storage unit of the computer. It is where all the memory and data go and are retrieved from. With such a task, it is important to have a fast and large storage space hard drive for a fast experience in gaming. Though it is not the only part of the computer that makes for good game play, it is one of the integral pieces.

Now when it comes to choosing the best hard drive, a lot depends on what the player wants. It has a lot to do with how much the player wants to spend, their frequency of gaming, types of games, and even the type of PC they already have. In the case of a pre-existing PC, it may be necessary to shop for a hard drive that suits the PCs specifications. If not and shopping for a new PC altogether, hard drive specification together with the PCs specifications are the most important factors to consider. In either case, we shall look some outstanding features to look for in a good hard drive made for gaming so you have an idea of what to expect.

– Speed

A gaming hard drive is capable of effecting the speed of the game. If the hard drive is slow, chances are your game loading time will also be just as bad. With that in mind, consider getting a hard drive with a good number of RPM. An upwards of 7200 RPM is a good place to start. Such speeds are great for ensuring that information from the storage unit are able to transfer quickly to the screen and other parts.

– Storage space

If you are a gamer, chances are you play more than one game. With that said, you will want all your games to be conveniently located in your PC. That is why a hard drive with a large storage capacity is important. A hard drive for quality gaming and plenty of storage for all your gaming data is recommended to be on the scale of Terabytes. Though Gigabytes are good for a normal PC and minimal gaming, optimal gaming requires Terabytes of space in the hard drive for ease of storage of large game files and speedy access to them.

– Connection interface

Lastly, a connection interface is responsible for communication between the hard drive and the rest of the computer. This is an important part of a gaming PC that determines the speed and efficiency of gaming on your PC. There are various types of interface connections with hard drives and the most capable and recommended for gaming hard drives is SATA. SATA has the necessary capabilities and heavy duty handling that enable it to support a gaming heavy computer.

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